Witchful Thinking

The last three books in the Jolie series–now available overseas!

For all of you overseas readers who have been frustrated about not being able to get the e-book versions of the last three books in the Jolie series…I have some good news!

As of now, you are able to purchase Witchful Thinking, The Witch Is Back and Something Witchy This Way Comes through the Apple ibookstore!

Here are links:

Witchful Thinking

The Witch Is Back

Something Witchy This Way Comes

Th Hell and  Back

Pre-Order for To Hell And Back, the third book in the Lily Harper series

The third book in the Lily Harper series, To Hell And Back, will be released October 28, 2014–just in time for Halloween!

Here’s what you can expect:

Lily Harper’s third mission into the depths of the Underground City finds her battling its demonic residents in the Toy Store, and later, the Graveyard, levels four and five of the hellish afterlife.

Although Lily’s guardian angel, Bill, is by her side every step of the way, Bill isn’t much of a consolation when it comes to fighting things that go bump in the night. Instead, Lily would much prefer to rely on the brawn and brains of the two thousand year old Celtic warrior, Tallis Black. But Tallis is busy battling his own demons…the internal type.

While in the Underground City, Lily finds herself on the wrong end of a demon’s wrath. A surprising encounter with the Master of the Underground City, Alaire, not only ensures her survival but also leaves her in the unenviable position of being in Alaire’s debt. It’s no secret that Alaire harbors a strange and unsettling fascination with Lily but she’s more concerned with solving Tallis’s deep and dark mysteries hidden beneath his stoic exterior.

While becoming better acquainted with the master of the Underground City and coming ever closer to unraveling the enigma that is Tallis Black, Lily can only hope she makes it through hell and back.

And more good news? You can pre-order this book through iBooks!!!

Romance Novel Convention 2014

Attention All! If you will be in the Las Vegas area from July 9-14, please come and see me at the second Romance Novel Convention, brought to you by cover model Jimmy Thomas!

There will be lots of fun stuff to do including all sorts of classes for readers and writers, a huge author book signing and a costume ball! I went last year and it was a blast. I got to meet a bunch of my readers and I really had a wonderful time!
Here’s the info if you’re interested: http://romancenovelconvention.com/
Hope to see you all there!!!!