Grave New World

Fairy and law enforcement agent, Dulcie O’Neil, is in trouble. And so is her friend and master vampire, Bram.

Finding themselves on the wrong side where illegal potions importer, Jax Rochefort, is concerned, now their only focus is finding a way to stay alive. But being taken hostage and tortured isn’t Bram’s style. Will this suave, centuries-old vampire find a way to free himself and Dulcie? Or will they both fall prey to the up and coming rebellion, the union of all the illegal potions gangs who seek to take over control of the Netherworld?

Any way she looks at it, Dulcie is in a bad way. It might just take the perseverance and determination of a certain hunky Loki named Knight to rectify the situation. But even Knight doesn’t know what he’s up against…

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