femme fatales 1 copy

The Femme Fatales: Lesson One: The Art Of Seduction

Nice girl, Nicole Rain, just got dumped. Again. But this time she’s had enough.

After a string of unsuccessful relationships, college student Nicole Rain is ready to give up on men in general. Nicole has always believed in the fairy tale of love but now she’s ready to take one of Cupid’s arrows and shoot him through the head with it.

One afternoon, Nicole finds herself in the University library. While trying to locate a book for her World Religions report, she finds a beaten up notebook abandoned on top of one of the book racks. The notebook proclaims itself to be the Femme Fatale Handbook, the ultimate guide on how to manipulate and seduce men. Nicole is unable to put the notebook down and spends the next three hours reading it cover to cover. She then makes the decision to adopt everything the notebook says…

Fast forward six months and Nicole’s life couldn’t be better. She’s highly sought after, acing all her classes and she even starts a secret club in which she teaches other college women how to flip the script on men. She calls the club The Femme Fatales.

Yes, Nicole Rain is completely in charge of her own life for once. That is, until she’s late to her first English Literature class and meets her professor, Jack Morgan, up close and personal. Jack is handsome squared. But it’s not just his chiseled face that Nicole finds enticing. It’s his less than approachable personality—he’s an introvert, highly tempered, moody, defiant and even a bit melancholic.

Nicole decides that Jack Morgan might just be exactly the challenge she needs to prove her methods. Seduce Jack Morgan successfully and she could seduce anyone…

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