Q: Is Something Witchy really the last Jolie book?
A: Yes. But don’t worry! There will be a spinoff series coming in Spring 2014 which will be narrated by Bryn and will pick up where Something Witchy left off.

Q: What Is the order of new releases for 2014?
February 10: The second Lily Harper Book

March 25: The first Sinjin Sinclair Book

May 20: Ghouls Rush In, Peyton Clark Book 1

Q: I live in another country and can’t find the last three Jolie books!
A: I haven’t yet sold my foreign rights for the final 3 books (and novella) for the Jolie series so they currently aren’t available overseas. The good news is that bookdepository.com has them and will ship anywhere for free!

Q: What is the order of books for both series?
A: The Jolie Wilkins Series:
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
Toil and Trouble
Be Witched (Novella)
Witchful Thinking
The Witch is Back
Something Witchy This Way Comes

A: The Dulcie O’Neil Series:
To Kill A Warlock
A Tale of Two Goblins
Great Hexpectations
Wuthering Frights
Malice In Wonderland
For Whom The Spell Tolls
Eleven Snipers Sniping (short story)

A: The Lily Harper Series:
Better Off Dead

A: The Peyton Clark Series:
Ghouls Rush In (coming May 20, 2014)

Q: I don’t have an ereader, are your books available in hard copy format?
A: YES! My books are available in paper back on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Q: Will your books ever be turned into audio books?
A: Yes, the Dulcie series is available from Audible.com and Witchful Thinking, The Witch Is Back and Something Witchy This Way Comes are also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble