The newest entry in the Bryn and Sinjin series is now available!

I know it’s been a looooong time since I came out with anything in the Bryn and Sinjin series and I apologize! Hold onto your hats because I’ve just published a novella in this series that picks up right where The Scent left off!

And the best part of this novella is that it’s narrated in Sinjin’s perspective! So you get an inside scoop into the mind of the ultimate undead rake!

Here’s what you can expect:

Sinjin is understandably irate over the treatment Bryn received when she was taken hostage by those who were once her own people. Even though Sinjin was able to rescue Bryn and Betta after their escape attempt and deliver them to the safety of Queen Jolie, it is clear that Bryn’s pain runs deep.

Sinjin wants nothing more than to help Bryn heal but she will have none of it, instead growing cold and distant.

Outraged that he is unable to break through Bryn’s walls, Sinjin takes matters into his own hands when he decides to avenge her…

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The Bladesmith, available now!

Be sure to check out The Bladesmith (founder of Cinemabox), a novella in the Lily Harper series! It is narrated by Tallis and in it, he’ll admit to quite a few secrets he’s been keeping from Lily!

The Bladesmith:

Tallis Black is not accustomed to playing the role of prisoner. Yet that is exactly the predicament in which he finds himself in this latest installment of the Lily Harper Series.

Tortured, malnourished and at the mercy of Persephone, a vengeful spirit who resides within the body of the woman he loves, Tallis’s future looks bleak. But the two thousand year old Druid is not concerned with himself. Instead, he wants nothing more than to free Lily from Persephone’s grasp.

In doing so, Tallis will face his own struggles as Persephone forces him to expose information about himself that he’s previously kept hidden from Lily.  Tallis’s only hope is that if he is able to save Lily, she won’t turn on him once she learns the truth about his sordid past.

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A Midsummer Night’s Scream Now Available!

Be sure to check out the newest book in the Dulcie O’Neil series, A Midsummer Night’s Scream!

Here’s what Dulcie is up to:

Fairy and law enforcement agent, Dulcie O’Neil, finds her life is pretty boring at the moment. Her hunky boyfriend and boss, Knight Vander, is busy setting up the new world order in the Netherworld and hasn’t been around much. Consequently, Dulcie is put in charge of Headquarters for the ANC (Association for Netherworld Creatures). Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have a whole lot to keep her occupied…

Well, that is, until Jax Rochefort storms into Headquarters and her life. Jax, who’s a member of one of the most infamous illegal potions rings, ups and turns himself in with little to no explanation. Dulcie takes it upon herself to solve the riddle of Jax Rochefort, all the while trying to dodge his obvious advances.

Dulcie learns that the new Netherworld government is threatened by the potions cartels, who wish to see their own in power. Things heat up when Jax kidnaps Dulcie, all the while claiming to be following orders for his mysterious boss.

After discovering that everyone she cares about is directly in the line of fire, Dulcie must do everything in her power to ensure their safety as well as the security of the new Netherworld government.

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The entire Dulcie O’Neil Series on Sale for Just $2.99!!!

In honor of the release of the 7th book in the Dulcie O’Neil series, A Midssumer Night’s Scream, on June 30th, 2015, I’m running a special on the first 6 books in the series.

This is the first time I’ve ever done this so if you don’t own the Dulcie series yet, now is definitely the time to get it because this won’t last long. I’m thinking today and maybe tomorrow but that’s it!

I’m offering all 6 books in the series for $2.99!!!

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